App Review-> Osfoora For iPhone

So to start the tech blogging/reviewing off, I figured it would be appropriate to begin with a service I use multiple times each day. By now you’ve searched both intentionally and non through the various Twitter clients offered in the App Store, and if your like me you’ve asked yourself, “Self, why can’t they all just collaborate and include all the features into 1”? Osfoora for iPhone comes as close as any I’ve used in doing just that, sort of.

APPearance & UI

From the moment I logged into the client I could see this app was not your fly by night (or day if you’re a morning flyer), casual tweet tool. The “home” screen as its called is a 12 button grid of sorts, that categorizes the functions and options available in Osfoora. These included but aren’t limited to, timeline-profile-settings-nearby-search-drafts, etc. What I noticed first of the UI was the retina screen friendliness (for those using on an iphone 4,  you’ll be very impressed) The gloss and shine, especially when viewed in “dark” mode rivals a waxed Mustang shining in the western sun

The timeline displays your tweets from oldest to newest, and like most clients out it categorizes your tweets and replies by color. It’s worth noting to those suspicious of functionality regarding the “home” screen, it’s accessible from any of the 12 screens you choose from at its platform. It works very smooth.


This is where Osfoora packs its punch. Just in the compose function alone it offers a 6 shortcut menu that rests horizontally above the 140 character window. For posting your favorite on the post hilarity picture wise, Osfoora allows you to choose from TwitPic, TweetPhoto, YFrog, & Posterous. Same options are available to post your (not so) noteworthy videos. Posting multiples? No problem. Location, tagging, contact mention are of the 6 in the readily available task bar. Now if your of the type (which I am time to time) to feel the need to tell the world that follows you what your listening to, the music note in said task bar allows you to tweet the playing song that’s blaring through your ipod. Not listening to from your ipod you say. Well, it allows you to also search through your library and pick a song to tweet about.

Search allows you to rummage through the worlds diary by user, trends, and nearby. Nearby also has a spot in your home screen, displaying nearby tweeters either in Google Maps, or in list form. Stalkers sound your engines.

Trends shows you the days top 10 and 20 top subjects, as well as the weeks top 30. Creating and editing lists is available for you organized users.

Changing your profile pic, mark all as read, hosting multiple accounts, text expander, read it later, follow/unfollow, and random Follow Friday selector are a few more of the seemingly endless supply of options to fiddle with. Abilities to email, translate or add links to existing tweet aren’t left out. Many of these seem arbitrary, and your right, however someone somewhere will use them, and that’s what appealing to masses is all about.


Osfoora has its quirks, and sadly enough one of them is right where it hurts. PUSH. For an otherwise powerful, feature packed Twitter client, the Push notifications are painfully slow at times. Many times while in the app and receiving a reply, the mention will appear (sometimes) color coded in your timeline before in your bottom task bar badge. More often than not I have to close the app and reenter to have the correct number of notifications appropriately show up. In an otherwise fast working tweet counter, this can be annoying. Especially if you’re in a heated “win 56 free iphones from your Nigerian buddy” contest. Another minor but relevant bug seems to occur when you don’t switch to your home screen before you exit and you reenter the app, the client will take you to the top of your timeline when it normally loads bottom up.


For $2.99 Osfoora throws the farm at you. It’s quick speed and sleek look are welcoming for both casual, whimsical tweeters, as well as the every moment is newsworthy member. Currently it’s the client handling the thoughts and ideas of yours truly. I think if you download this you will be satisfied with how you just spent your 3 dollars. If you’re looking for a client that allows you to discover new tools as you go, this is for you. The problem with the amount of ability seems to be that at times, the application seems to be trying to do too much too fast. So for all you (and me) out there who asked for a Twitter app to included all your ideas, careful what you wish for. You just might, kind of, get it.

But this is Just Ethan’s .02

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