You can “Hate” me now..

The sensationalistic failure of allowing the “hate crime” to exist in and turn our justice system into an emotional playground, is a mockery to the platform it’s represented under. Classifying a crime on adults any differently based on race, gender, religion or sexual orientation is just as prejudicial as disallowing any of the mentioned minorities any freedoms.

The classification of certain crimes as “hate” crimes is a new idea. It’s also a lousy one. The ponderous nature of  claiming a certain murder or certain assault is somehow more punishable is taking the law and turning it into a slinky. Lets use murder as an example. The law clearly classifies murders based on intent and viciousness. Thus is the reason for manslaughter, murder 1/murder 2 etc. The nescience of allowing an emotion into the legality of crime is a slope to slippery to stand upon.

If someone intentionally commits a homicide against an asian woman and then commits the same crime against a white man, why in the hell would any court or prosector think the punishment should  vary? Imagine showing up in a chary sort of nature to inform the one family that their son’s life was only worth 10 years, but the woman’s life valued 20. All because the crime was committed in a “hateful” nature. The fact stands that both innocent people are dead.

There are many ways to bring attention to certain sorts of discrimination, and prejudices. I for one think the criminal justice system shouldn’t be one of them, at least not by way of synthetic criminality. When a “hate” crime is exposed nationally it nearly always puts a few more cameras in the courthouse but at what cost? Our system is far from perfect, but allowing our emotions in the proceedings and statues makes for a weak and shaky solution.

Don’t muddy up the seriousness of a horrific crime by diverting attention from the details of the incident. Allow all actors of heinous actions to suffer equally. Marking one elite by giving it special recognition in will only add to their egocentric phenomena. It won’t reverse the deed.

But thats Just Ethan’s .02

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