Now we don our gay apparel

Today in my home state of Wisconsin, the Supreme Court upheld the constitutional ban on gay marriage. The vote was an interesting 7-0. Not one individual thought that Jack and Jim should be able to tie the knot.

What is marriage? Is it a bond of commitment between two willing participants? A pre-requiset of the insertion of children to the relationship? A place for blood thirsty hyenas, I mean attorneys once it’s a divorce? It’s actually a contract. I don’t mean to cheapen the vows of those ready to make the ultimate leap of love, but in the eyes of the law, and it IS the law that’s deciding this, it’s a contractual agreement. This contract varies state to state, but the basis and root of the contract is that those involved are to faithfully co-habitate with one another.

I’m not going to insinuate a charade that I’m active in any gay rights, but I am interested in the rights of people as a complete entity. I am flabbergasted that the Supreme Court finds homosexuals unworthy of carrying out a contract. Insulting to say the least.

Many people insert religious propaganda as their platform of why gays shouldn’t get married. They of course do this to a very selective degree. If we were to examine marriage of say the Bible, it would quickly expose a certain disillusion that many who “faithfully” follow said book. Mosaic law allowed you to have as many wives as you could support. As far as I know the homosexuals just want one partner in marriage.

If you have a problem with homosexuality and your a man, you probably should’t be having sex with men. If your a woman and against it, I’d veer away from having sex with other women. Certainly don’t marry each other. But how this continues to be accepted as legal issue is completely predicated on the fact that it IS a contract. So basically what the Wisconsin Supreme Court said today was “Sorry gay Wisconsin-ites, we don’t trust or want you to have the same contract as straight people”

Last July Gov. Doyle went to bat for those who are gay and wanting domestic partnerships. Sort of. The Governor and lawmakers approved 40 of the 150 rights that us straight people get if we to decide to marry. 40 of 150? This is deja vu of when blacks were allowed to vote. Except what most people aren’t aware of is that their vote only counted as 3/5th’s that of a white person’s vote. Eerily similar.

Once again this proves that Wisconsin is an often liberal state in it’s words, and very conservative in its actions.

But this is Just Ethan’s .02

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